“September is a beautiful month.

The hot weather begins to loosen its grip and the days become shorter increasingly cool slowly, minute by minute. Unfortunately it is also the month when we come back overwhelmed by the bustle of everyday life: accompanies his grandmother, run to the supermarket, buy a plane ticket, remember to take the grandmother, not walk the roads clogged with traffic, and (perhaps) flies to the concert.

The frenzy of September as the hot sticky August: you will not easily free. Unless the music playlists you have in the car there is the unfathomable delicacy of musicians like Joe Sampson .

This fantastic, elusive artist from spiritual tones seems to be already well known to the musical community of Denver, CO (hence the birth) and, after years of amateur distribution of his music, he is ready to release his official debut.

The melodies that make up this EP range from the bare simplicity created by a guitar and a sweet bass, the subtle magic of a tambourine (Dream on), until you get to a dark mystery reinvented by a voice double track thanks to Nathaniel Rateliff collaboration (Bird Song).

Songs of Delay is a fascinating EP, in which the melodies recall the sad tones of Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen, letting the delicate compositions find their way into the subconscious of every listener, without being overly intrusive.

The texts accompanying these five concise tracks seem to be full of fragmented meaning, the hidden mystery, sometimes delicate, others full of contempt against a former lover or perhaps just full of great frustration. Among all immediately it struck My Love, a contemplative song, in which he sings the sadness to the heart that feels, leaving the listener the task of scrutinizing himself inwardly, for just under two minutes.

The folk proposed by Joe is a magical folk, enveloping and not enough whole frenzy of this world, to divert my attention from this hypnotic artist. September is a beautiful month, because the music softens its hectic pace without ever fade.”