[Translated from the French via Google]

“The new disc of Antonymes is not a season record but rather whether or as responding to the doubts and heat of our summer. Fresh ideas proposed can not be refused, especially when she is dressed in finery Post Rock or Neo-Classical.

In summer, the pace slows down, we let win by heat. Slowly but surely, it is diluted in a few drops of sweat. So we seek some corners of shade, serene spaces where you can not see trucks mow crowds or hate speech which kill the good consciences.

The music saves us everything and ourselves. Without that we want, without anyone really knowing. Take the draft Ian M.Hazeldine, Antonyms and his new album, “(For Now We See) Through A Glass Dimly”. It comes into friend. Yet, on paper, to read, the proposal could be a foil . Because here we speak of Post-Rock and Neo Classical. But in English, it is mainly a question of trying to create scenes with musical moods, sophisticated set designs. Beginning with the lyrical and evaporated “the Lure of the Land “, things are posed with dramatic increases of violin that are reminiscent of the best of Jóhann Jóhannsson.

Sometimes in the album, there are songs like quiet islands awaiting to be discovered. This is true of “Elegy (I)” which grabs you and does not let go. It’s like the meeting between Arve Henriksen and singer Patrick Cassidy as the folklore of a forgotten world. If you can remember or do not feel a shiver through you, I can only advise you to consult your doctor as soon as possible.

The least we can say is that Ian M Hazeldine knows to surround himself. No less Christoph Berg, Paul Morley or Rafael Anton Irissari who mixed the disc. Moreover we feel the leg of Mr. disseminated any lightweight disk.

“Towards Tragedy And Dissolution” college in the same territories as the wonders that can do when they met Ketil Bjørnstad and David Darling. We often think of the ECM label for this science delicacy. It would suffice to not much to it flimsy house of cards and get lost in an ocean of anecdotes or boredom. Ian M.Hazeldine remains on the bridge throughout the disk and whether with “delicate Power” or “Elegy (IV)” as a variant the famous island of the first, he slowly develops a much stronger structure than it seems. resistant to our doubts, our consumer weariness. for what creates the attraction of this disc, the immediacy time surface is that it takes time to leave approached.

Where one might store it in a particular case, Antonymes likes to shuffle the cards as with “Fatal Ambition” where one might think sometimes in a David Lynch film accompanied by Angelo Badalamenti then delve into a slow atmospheric rise to the edge of nothing with the sumptuous “a Sadder than Light Waning Moon” not very far from what offers Keith Kenniff with Goldmund.

That may be the long exploration “Sixteen Fifteen Zero Six” that one feels most the presence of Rafael Anton Irissari with this mixture of strength and curves like shadows.”