Todd Tobias “Impossible Cities” Reviewed at Mpodia

[Translated by Google Translate. Read the original here.]

“The hypnotic and sometimes dark sounds of this album will take you from city to city. Each imaginary city has its own atmosphere and sky line. This is the approach of the album Todd Tobias.
Tobias played with his brother Tim at Clouds Forming Crowns and psychedelic rock act Circus Devils. When he beginning of this millennium took place behind the buttons, this was where he felt comfortable with. He produced ao Guided By Voices, but it could not prevent him to continue to experiment with music.

The album Impossible Cities is Tobias his second album. The album is entirely instrumental album where Tobias takes the listener into a jerk by his world. The somewhat cheerful sounds of “Lumura” proceed to the solid rock sound of “Kur”. The terrifying dark sound gets its place in “Gorgum Reeth.” When the stirring African drums in “Saz” sign printed on the sound to the heavier rock drum sounds “SmazBaal” to go right back to the airy “Akrova”.”


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