Todd Tobias “Impossible Cities” Reviewed at De Krenten Uit De Pop

[Translated from the Ducth via Google Translate. Read the original here.]

“The name Todd Tobias probably not in every music ring a bell, but it is likely that many music lovers have a plate in the cabinet stand when Todd Tobias has left his mark.

Todd Tobias indeed produced quite a few records by Guided By Voices several solo albums of GBV frontman Robert Pollard and with Robert Pollard is part of the band Circus Devils.

With Impossible Cities has Todd Tobias now a fascinating and ​​wonderful solo album, though it takes a while for that beauty to come to the surface.

It is not easy to push Impossible Cities pigeonholed. Todd Tobias has given his record of course closely linked to the booth lo-fi, but that covers the cargo Impossible Cities only partly.

The album contains 16 tracks and lasts 38 minutes. That sounds like a lo-fi. Further, the record songs that generally no head and able to discover. That sounds like a lo-fi. Lo-fi, however, is also known as a genre in which perfect pop songs are presented in rough diamonds that you may still grinding. Here is Todd Tobias emphatically outside the lo-fi box. The 16 tracks on Impossible Cities are, after all, none of them describe as a pop song.

Impossible Cities Todd Tobias is a completely instrumental album, which dominate experimental soundscapes. The soundscapes are sometimes carried by keyboards and usually by guitars. If dominate guitars Todd Tobias not averse nice firm and in itself quite readily accessible guitar riffs, but a truly accessible plate Impossible never Cities.

Todd Tobias has a pretty dark album made ​​full hard to fathom, but at the same time also visual and spellbinding music. Impossible cities Todd Tobias, you may think of yourself as the soundscapes come from the speakers. Or the cities where you would live, I dare to doubt, but fascinating cities are sure.

Now I’m honest enough to admit that I initially had a lot of trouble with this record. When my son asked me if this was real music, I could answer in the affirmative, but I was not totally convinced yet. Impossible Cities Todd Tobias, however, is gaining strength when you are accustomed to the special sounds on the album, often nevertheless also reminiscent of what prog rock or post-rock.

As you can see through your eyelashes, you should actually Impossible Cities by you Listening ear hairs. Furthermore, you should drain the imagination. Make your own movie at the fascinating soundtrack Todd Tobias has made ​​and you’ll notice that Impossible Cities Todd Tobias always more special and more beautiful.

A plate for all times it will never be. A plate for a wide audience either. It adorns the Utrecht Tiny Room Records therefore that it has had the guts to just bring out this album. And let’s face it, the penny with me earlier cases than the last album of Daniel Lanois, whilst I sit quite high. Erwin Zijleman”

De Krenten Uit De Pop

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