Excerpt: “… The band is made up of Conor and Eimer Devlin (Vocals and guitar and bass respectively) as well as Will Waghorn (Drums) and Monte Vallier (Guitar). Their fourth album “Letters from the Coast” was released by Hidden Shoal on September 22. Described by the label as “shoegazing Velvet Underground reared by the Flying Nun label – the perfect balance of drone and chime”. The album has that sort of classic indie pop feel, that if you like the Umpire album you will appreciate [The] Caseworker. It has that balance of Dissonance and Melody which is shown best on tracks such as “Dormer”, “Boats”, “Little Good it did for you”. Without being too obvious with their influences (I detect a little Sonic Youth and the label hint at Yo La Tengo), the album has that degree of familiarity that makes it an easy and enjoyable listen. The first single “National Runner” has a bit of a more lo-fi feel than the rest of the album and has already been picked up by RTRFM.”