Two lovely new reviews for the just released Tangled Star single ‘Head in the Sand’. The excellent Australian music blog Sonic Masala and the lovely folks at the Norwegian blog Luna Kafe recently published reviews of the single. Here’s a taste,

” It’s dusty, dreamlike and rustic, loud in the shadows, hushed and sated in the light. Hallsworth’s vocals provides that rich timbre that those excellent 90s bands all possessed also, leaving us with a song that sounds pleasantly nostalgic and unabashedly modern also. ..”Sonic Masala

“This one’s a little gem, yet again presenting Craig Hallsworth’s skills creating melodic pop-hooks and mild and affectionate power-pop. This is indie pop at its best. Sugar-coated, yet a bit raw. Rich-sounding and many-flavoured, with a surprising piano outtro. A true pop gem…”Luna Kafe

‘Head in the Sand’ is available for free download here and comes from the forthcoming Tangled Star album Let’s Adjourn to the Garden (18 June 2013).