Excerpt: “There is a lot going on here, with Salli Lunn doing everything they can to twist their material beyond its original forms, and while this can mean shedding the actual song at a point where a lot of bands would add another verse and two choruses, it also leads into studio jamming of near stroboscopic intensities. Predictable it isn’t, and while it might seem that the band threaten to overstretch their abilities when turning their songs inside out and adding cataclysmic waves of effects generated powerchords and thunderous rhythmic arpeggios, the quartet are sufficiently adept to avoid repeating themsleves at any point… Salli Lunn have gone well out of their way to produce a record that has both the noticeable hallmarks of their influences and still manages to sound an entirely original work, and in this they’ve more than achieved their aim. Anyone wanting to hear a purposeful and imaginative rock album will find very little fault with Heresy And Rite, which while it openly references any number of influential and well known bands of the last three decades also has the defining qualities of an album very much of the present moment. And it’s loud, very loud indeed.”

Delusions of Adequacy