Locked In Syndrome Cover ArtCloser’ is the first taste of the sublime Locked-In Syndrome, the fifth album by Italian electronic producer Willem Gator (also of Italian post rock behemoth HC-B). Check out the awesome music video by Riccardo Napoli from Sunthetic (and HC-B) and stream the track ahead of the album release on the 1st of December.

“Willem Gator focuses on the larger impact. Letting each song gradually increase in emotional intensity helping it incorporate both rock and electronic aspects.”Beach Slot

Across its concise 40-minute run-time, Locked-In Syndrome deploys its beats and synths for maximum impact, creating an eminently danceable yet deeply melancholic experience. Conveying the overwhelming experience of being at a hedonistic celebration and feeling profoundly detached and alone, these electronic paeans to dislocation scale the musical skies while plumbing the emotional lows. The album features stunning artwork by English collage artist and musician Ashley Reaks.

As with all Hidden Shoal releases, this beautiful song is available for licensing. Contact us for more details.