New Music Video for Markus Mehr’s ‘Buoy’

Markus MehrIn the new video for Markus Mehr’s ‘Buoy’, taken from his latest album Binary Rooms, the music and visuals co-exist in unnerving synchronicity. Created by Hidden Shoal’s own Cam Merton, the video’s three-dimensions are populated by blurred figures. As they move through the inky expanse, they seem to be both creating the song’s menacing soundworld with their movements, and responding to the dynamics of the music with their shadowy choreography.

Mehr’s work has seen a subtle shift in scale across his five studio albums. From the widescreen cosmic vistas of Lava to some of the more intimate moments of his 42-minute single-track opus Off, Mehr has now come to examine the most challenging space yet – that of our everyday lives and the spatial narratives that surround us. Mehr’s music has always possessed a keen sense of and negotiation with scale, and on Binary Rooms he challenges notions of personal space, juxtaposing the human against the industrial, the gentle and intimate against the jolting and harsh. Mehr acts as a fragment hunter, meshing machine-like tones with the discarded elements of humanity; narrative with anti-narrative. On Binary Rooms he manages to create a spatial remix – a striking re-design of aural reality filled with a living, digital biology.

Check out Binary Rooms and Mehr’s other releases here and watch the video for ‘Buoy’ at Youtube or Vimeo.

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