[Translated from the original French via Google Translate]

Developing electronic projects under a pseudonym and keep its own name neoclassical proposals: the schema is known and other musicians have been able to do so. It is the turn of Medard Fischer to do this: follow these pages for his records, appeared on n5MD under the name of Arc Lab or on Review Down duo, Canadian stays true to Hidden Shoal Recordings (Australian label hosting, specifically, his duet publications) for this event.

Second of its kind (a first digital EP had previously been self-produced), this Four Songs For The City Of New York could simply align graceful piano notes, without further ambition, and it’s a little fear Like to listen to the first minute of the opening track. Fortunately, an electronic table enriches the atmosphere of The Imaginary City. Thereafter, if it is a quasi-stripped piano we find with this eternal aspect of contemplative and slightly elegiac, on the writ Almost Five Years To The Day, the last two tracks are sailing towards more ambient shores and more convincing.

Monument with his swing, as tapped, especially A Light That Does not Go Out (a priori nothing to do with the piece of The Smiths), seven minutes long, is more ambitious tendencies receptacle. In fact, there converse few piano keys and a light texture, all bathed in a delicate melancholy and certainly constitutes the strong point of this EP.