Markus Mehr “Binary Rooms” Reviewed at Music Won’t Save You

[Poorly translated from the Italian via Google. Read the original here.]

“The endless possibilities of environmental Soundscaping not only apply to large natural areas, or large human constructions. The German Markus Mehr has decided to use the same approach “concrete” in the representation of interior household, trying to capture a high un’ordinariet√† universe of sound much more interesting than is usually overlooked.

This resulted in eight tracks of “Binary Rooms”, cards that reveal the complexity of a newspaper placed on the threshold of hearing in part because of its low frequency, in part because of the low level of attention that usually is reserved for you. Pulse, screeching, analogue field recordings, broadsides noisy and saturations synthetic populate the sound environment of the German artist, who has juxtaposed the elements according to a practice basically not dissimilar from that used for the orchestration of his previous cosmic-environmental ” Lava “(2010) and” Off “(2013).

“Binary Rooms” it is the amount for concrete, difficult and sometimes edgy as depicted everyday life in a real experiment of neorealism sound.”

- Music Won’t Save You

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