[Poorly translated from the original Italian via Google. Read the original here]

“Australian label Hidden Shoal does not cease to bear stimulating sonic fruit with its careful search for new ambient prospects conducted on a global scale , which led to discover artists such as Wes Willenbring , Drew Sullivan and Elisa Luu, just to name a few.

The most recent candidate to add to the partial list of names above is the German Christian Grothe, making his debut under the alias Kryshe. His  EP In Between is a little more than twenty minutes, and as  the title suggests it evokes sensations both suspended and surreal. The five tracks from In Between keep the faith of the message evoked by the title, distilling the environmental vision of Grothe, tightly anchored to the classics of the genre but updated by its remarkable imaginative capacity, through which the German artist draws audio postcards on piano notes apparently resonating in a tank but because of this bring out the timbres over time.

In Between is all very soft and relaxed, starting with a sleepy gait and by the gradual thickening of the low tones of the opening title track, which also occurs in the desolate reverberations of “Lone”. The two pieces named after geographical locations with taste will reflect the suggestions, “Iceland” in a cameo as valuable as a small sound box, “Africa” ​​with the warmth of dilated persistence and notes more and more sparse, such as grains of sand transported by a desert wind. The second part of the brief work marks the gradual prevalence of evanescent suspension (not coincidentally the same Grothe presents portrait with guitar and bow), which are lulling in the final outcome, “Lullaby”.

Grothe does not use drone nor easy emotional tricks, yet his environmental interpretation in the essentiality of its elements is a valid reason for a release that almost amazes in it’s structural cohesion and an explicit reference to a soundscaping now rare even in its adherence to the canons of the original contemporary ambient music.”

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