Kramies “forêts antiques” Reviewed in Le Cargo

[Translated from the original French via Google.]

“I would be foolish to deny that Kramies has hung in my ears for almost two years, since the virtually ectoplasmic presence and ethereal beauty of the sound of his “Wooden Heart”, audible and visual twice, one by the excellent work of Jerome Sevrette for the artwork, and the other for the imaging facility inspired by the sounds and the same person Kramies, frail seated figure in his chair, as a small kid shaggy blond on the scene, powerful simplicity, fragile in the vastness. Years without time hardware, lulled by the slow flow and glittering river both mother Bagheera, and has both open wounds scar and Peter Pan, two years, lying on the river bank has become the banner and bugle all those little pearls that offers here and there in the illuminated oyster shells littering the bottom of his soul, and I mean it offers, because my dear American troubadour is also generous in dreamscapes that disks, the proof is there that this live recorded earlier this year in the sumptuous theater of Anger (and there exists more beautiful to dream a theater of this ilk?) opening for A singer must die is present. Kramies is even more fragile because more true, a skin-deep without Carnival makeup nor leaks or possible escapes, stand there, arms of his guitar, and throw it to the big wolves ears that inhabit the room. But here, the frail and talented (Jason Lyttle will agree with me) little cub mane of fire inspires a respect that goes to the world of silence, the universe is silent on the nostalgic and sensitive phrased the cantor, you Kramies moves in the inertia of wonder, Kramies took you in its tranquil river current, Kramies I do not know where or carries you would know, but we all share, whatever, the further away by his side more shining gold and music theory, ignites the surface of the water, stunned the world, and there is silence, and silence filled the silence and sings. Yes, I’m biased and probably very biased, it is impossible to listen to the dreamy drifts that Mr unable to take part, will be able to take wings, they can not take dreams for realities. But enjoy the windfall, take advantage of these palms filled with treasures has brought listening, enjoy this way of traveling elsewhere than in our skins, enjoy this time a part of the world, enjoy this current its place under your flesh gleams and sparks.”

Le Cargo

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