Of All The Places Been & Everything The End Cover ArtAfter an incredible lead up with a mountain of press, interviews and a beautiful music video,  the day has finally come. Kramies sublime new EP, Of All The Places Been & Everything The End, is now officially available. Head to Kramies Bandcamp or stream and download from the usual suspects (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon et al).

The result is a gorgeously cinematic collection of songs that pull directly from the vast landscapes and ancient stories of Ireland. The latest single “The Hill Dweller” feels like an extended coda, as was its original purpose. But deciding to make it a fully fledged tune brings something quite extraordinary to the EP’s ending. Arcing continuously upwards, the song is less the push and pull of the standard verse / chorus structure and more a story churning towards a crescendo. Employing lush string arrangements, horns and a myriad of found sounds, the tune is truly transporting.”Culture Collide

Created in collaboration with Jason Lytle (Grandaddy), Todd Tobias (Guided by Voices) and Jerry Becker (Train), Kramies’ epic new EP, Of All The Places Been & Everything The End, transports the listener through an enchanted forest of the imagination. Profoundly coloured by Kramies’ time staying at an ancient castle in Ireland, the music is steeped in fables, myths and eerie reflections, resulting in his most vividly realised release to date.

A prog and folk-influenced mini opus akin to Mercury Rev’s classic Deserter’s Songs, the EP covers more ground across its 23-minute run-time than many albums double its length. Given it was the site of the music’s gestation, it’s fitting that the eight-minute epic ‘Ireland’ is the EP’s swaying centrepiece. Single ‘Everything The End’ is an enchanting, unearthly tale of time and loss, coloured by melancholic optimism. And ‘The Hill Dweller’ brings the EP to a goosebump-raising conclusion with its sleigh bells and strings, as Kramies intones, “Now I’m home…”

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