Kramies & Alma Forrer ‘Into The Sparks’ Reviewed at The Sunday Experience

“With its murmured tonalities and spectral yearns, there’s a ghostly beauty attaching to the faintly forlorn ethereal dreamscape that is ‘into the sparks’, its weightlessness, pause and poise bathing all in a serene enchantment as though a love noted visitation all framed upon a cavernous haloing that arcs and sighs in demurring formations all the time housed in an orbiting hermetically sealed shelling. It marks a twilight happening perhaps rather more a shared moment maybe a journey embarked upon by a chance meeting between Kramies and Alma Forrer, he providing the delicately drawn sonic ghost lights, she the tenderly fragile and trembling hymnal phrasing. However, for us it’s the acoustic version of the same track that ushered itself into our affections, where the celestial unworldliness of the ‘full version’ is somewhat lassoed and drawn earthbound whereupon the love note coding succulently shimmer with a mystical folk beguilement that hints of a thoughtful lost in the moment Linda Perhacs.”

The Sunday Experience

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