[Translated from the Italian via Google. Read the original here.]

“From the twelve minutes of the EP’s ” Songs Of Delay ” debut at just over twenty, for nine songs, of “Chansons de Parade”, the concision is certainly among the talents of Joe Sampson, singer of Denver who after recognition and Collaborations seem to have finally found their way to writing and producing the official music.

The concision does not exhaust, however, of course, the artistic representation of Sampson, which in the new collection amplifies the expressive breathing already highlighted in the previous Ep and consists of a flat writing, a soft baritone stamp and a way to play the guitar to a Gentle picking combines more decisive arrangements and extremely sliding harmonies.
As part of a wider song, the nine “Chansons de Parade” amplify these characters in ballads of umbratile intimacy, referring to the first Iron & Wine (“Was not Was not”), ranging from muffled environments, from the tasteful sixties (“Wealth”) to a country-folk lyricism, however, always obscured by a mere introspective (“Come What May”).

In the sequel of songs that follow in an agile parade, there are some of the most vibrant harmonic structures, accompanied by more definite dynamics (“Gown” and especially “Otherwise The Pull”), but all of them Characterized by an extraordinary naturalness of writing and interpretation, that of a craftsman of songs able to create small wonders that, while being made up of those same elements, travalicano of momentum every cliché of the songwriter guitar and voice.”

Music Won’t Save You