Hidden Shoal Signs Gilded (Matt Rösner & Adam Trainer)

Hidden Shoal Recordings is proud to announce the signing of Australian experimental/ambient duo Gilded to its roster of artists. Gilded operates around the intersections of melody and texture, movement and pause. The project brings together the similar but distinct musical directions of West Australian experimental musicians Matt Rösner and Adam Trainer, forging a new approach to composition and sound creation that is based as much around rhythm and repetition as it is around drone and abstraction.

The title of Gilded’s debut album Terrane comes from a geological formation that has become dislocated from its original position and sutured onto a new landscape. It retains its own distinctive form and contrasts against those around it, whilst also finding a new place, a new home. The album was conceived during two consecutive autumns in Western Australia. The compositions that make up this record strike at the heart of how it feels to be in a period of transition, of watching a subtle change, a shift in texture. There are moments of quietude and reflection – held together by the austere and alternately punctuated by shifts toward the uplifting and revelatory. One thing is certain: change is inevitable. We leave traces and will not return.

“Australian sound artist Matt Rösner has generated music with a language all its own” – The Weekend Australian on Matt Rösner’s Alluvial

“the interplay of experimentation shades the corners of Trainer’s world” – Cyclic Defrost on Adam Trainer’s Twice Worn

Matt Rösner is arguably one of Western Australia’s most renowned experimental musicians. Based in Myalup in the South West, Matt has released music on labels as diverse as Room40, 12K, Apestaartje, Meupe and Miatera, with a musical focus on guitar and field recordings. Adam Trainer was a founding member of Perth post-rock outfit Radarmaker, and has also played in experimental projects such as Polaroid Ghost and the Ghost of 29 Megacycles. In solo guise he has released music on labels such as hellosQuare, New Weird Australia, Phantom Channel and Feral Media. Adam’s solo work has sought to locate textural nuance alongside dislocated melody.

Terrane is released by Hidden Shoal on 8 October, preceded by single ‘Cluttered Room’ on 31 August. Read a full press release here.

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