Beautiful New Target Archery Video + Stream – ‘Soujourn’

Clock of the Long NowWe’re excited to share the beautiful new music video for ‘Soujourn’, the 2nd single to be lifted from the forthcoming debut album, Clock of the Long Now, by Perth-based instrumental pop outfit Target Archery (the solo project of Ambrose Nock of Perth’s sun-dappled musical instrumentalists Apricot Rail). The music video was produced and directed by Chad Peacock (Peacock Visuals). Clock of the Long Now sees release on the 2nd of October in digital and vinyl formats.

Ambrose Nock explores the fertile realm of delicate, experimental post-pop with his new project Target Archery. Influenced by the likes of Sound Dust-era Stereolab, left-of-centre indie-pop bands such as Lacto-Ovo, The Go! Team and Ninetynine, and a dash of late ’80s Sonic Youth, Target Archery mine an inspiring new seam of life-affirming melodies and instrumental texture. Featuring contributions from Apricot Rail members Justin Manzano (production and instrumentation) and Jack Quirk (guitars), Clock of the Long Now was crafted in an isolated studio in rural Western Australia over a period of three years. Across 40 blissful minutes, Target Archery weave a suite of glimmering musical tapestries that expand beyond the borders of conventional guitar pop.

“The might of, I dunno, Mogwai is still there, but the charm of Múm is also present. They paint mountains in broad strokes but afterwards they take time to put in Sherpas and goats partying on the cliff face.”Love Is My Velocity on Apricot Rail

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