“Homophones, hey? Fun stuff. A pane you can see through, but you won’t if you can’t see pain through. Lean on a cane if you’re not able, but if you’re Abel, don’t lean on Cain. Terrain is anything you can stand on, but terrane is different from anything else you’ll ever stand on.

For an instrumental record, Adam Trainer and Matt Rosner have chosen their words carefully; though Terrane is filled with recognisable elements (a peak there, a gully there, a sine wave drifting with its eyes shut down a creek) what they’ve formed is completely new. “Road Movie” is typical of proceedings; it crackles dustily – think Morricone fooling around (sombrely) with the foley dept. guys – in a fashion that’s fascinating after one minute and all-consuming after four.

Terrane studies closely the absorbing power of such immersive, tactile textures, but the melodies are as striking, more akin to incidental forces of nature breaking through natural ambience than mere musical phrases. Anyway, enough words, there’s nothing that sounds quite like Gilded.”

The Thousands