Gilded "Terrane" CD Pre-Orders and Music Video

Hidden Shoal Recordings is proud to announce the availability of CD pre-orders for Terrane, the debut album by Australian experimental/ambient duo Gilded. All CD pre-orders come with an immediate download in FLAC or Mp3 format and will ship on the official release date of 8th October. To co-incide with this we are also excited to present the beautiful music video for the Gilded track ‘Road Movie’, produced by Hidden Shoal’s Cam Merton.

Gilded brings together the similar but distinct musical directions of West Australian experimental musicians Matt Rösner and Adam Trainer, forging a new approach to composition and sound creation that is based as much around rhythm and repetition as it is around drone and abstraction. The pair have released work seperately on labels such as 12K, Room40, hellosQuare, New Weird Australia, and Feral Media.

“There are worlds in here, in this record. Microscopic examinations of simple figures and patterns, that could fill whole sides; a focus and determination that wraps everything up in 45 minutes. Beautiful, simple, deep, Terrane is simply one of the best albums you’ll hear this year. Highly recommended!”Fluid Radio on Terrane

Head to the Hidden Shoal Store for all CD pre-order details, to stream the album in full and to download the first single from the album ‘Cluttered Room’. The music video for ‘Road Movie’ is available for streaming and embedding on YouTube and Vimeo. You can read a full press release for the album release here.

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