Gilded Interview and Chart Round Up

After the incredibly successful  release of their debut album Terrane and an equally successful east coast tour, Gilded have been doing nothing but good both here in Australia and also internationally. Proving that Tame Impala aren’t the only band from Perth that can make waves on the US charts, Gilded have managed to enter the WDCE charts at number 20, number 21 at KZSU, number 33 at WCBN charts, number 30 at CKUT and have been added to rotation at WXYC and Soma FM. And thats just the new chart info we have with more to add in the next few weeks as the album gets deeper into college radio.

The band have also racked up a number of fantastic interviews of late thanks to some lovely Australian radio and press folks. Here’s some links for your reading and listening pleasure – Drum Media interview, Triple J interview, 4ZZZ interview, RRR interview.

If you have not yet soaked in the pleasures that Terrane has to offer then be sure to head to the Hidden Shoal Store and grab one of the limited edition CDs or an Mp3 or FLAC package. CD stock is getting low so get in before it becomes another one of your coulda, woulda, shouldas.

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