This week’s featured track is delivered by Hidden Shoal’s Tim Clarke. It’s a gorgeous track and a lovely little tale of how we snared Tim into the fold.

“Back in 2006, when Hidden Shoal was in its infancy and before I came on board, I reviewed a few of the releases for Norwegian e-zine Luna Kafe. My Majestic Star‘s Ideas Are The Answer was one of these albums, of which ‘Coffee Stains and Beer’ is the stunning opening track. It immediately put me in the same space as Papa M’s Live From A Shark Cage, which is one of my favourite albums of all time. ‘Coffee Stains and Beer’ is a close relative of Shark Cage‘s opener ‘Arundel’. Chris Mason has such a deft melodic sensibility and restraint in this song, comparable to Dave Pajo – which is a massive compliment! When I heard this song, it put things into perspective: a small label based in Perth were releasing stuff that stood up against some of the best music I’ve ever heard. I had to get involved.” – Tim Clarke