“I’m not advocating you start the working week with a drink. But I do suggest that you start it with Elisa Luu’s Shebeen. As many will know, it’s an illegal drinking den. I’ve always assumed it’s Irish. derivation But I didn’t know that “The word derives from the Irish síbín, meaning ‘illicit whiskey’” Elisa’s Shebeen is awkward, crunchy, clicky IDM initially becoming strummed glitched guitar eventually. Free download.

The track is from the “forthcoming Elisa Luu mini-album Enchanting Gaze. On this new album, Elisa Luu’s shimmering tones and deftly handled rhythms are manipulated into new and beautiful shapes.” If this free track is any indication of what’s to come I’d recommend checking it out when it’s released on 3 November through La Bel.”

Acid Ted