Colour Kane Album CD Availability

Hidden Shoal Recordings, today announced the availability of Colour Kane’s highly acclaimed dream pop masterpiece A Taste Of on CD in the US through Amoeba Music.

“A Taste Of features no shortage of blissed-out material but perhaps no songs are more heavenly than the anthemic “Share My Ease,” “Silya,” and, yes, “Seaside Dream” which constitute as magnificent a sampling of dream-pop as you’re likely to hear in this lifetime. Especially magnificent, the Guthrie collab teleports Colour Kane into another stratosphere altogether for three-and-a-half minutes of pop perfection.”Textura Magazine

A Taste Of is now available on CD in the US through Hidden Shoal Recordings ongoing partnership with the Los Angeles music store Amoeba Music. The album is available in store as well as via mail order (U.S. and international). All availability information can be found at the HSR Store.

Colour Kane – A Taste of Colour Kane – A Taste Of

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