“Brother Earth is the collaboration of The Library is On Fire front man Steve Five and Circus Devils’ Todd Tobias. Brother Earth began recording in 2008 and this their debut album featured a collection of their tracks over the past 5 years.

The album works as a spacey dream sequence with a collection of musical pieces that go off in different directions from each other yet seem to flow from one to the other in a way that works. The 16 tracks on offer range between 50 seconds and 4 minutes with half the tracks being less than 2 minutes. The result is an amazing journey with a banquet of sounds twisting, turning, and contrasting against each other. This ensures the album is interesting the whole way through with new ideas popping up.

The lead single from the album, Out like a lion, is a main highlight to the album. The minimalist lo fi folk sounds paired with a sombre whimsical vocal creates a beautiful experience! The follow up single City of gold, is a short and sweet spacey experience in the vein of Porcupine Tree. Going for just over a minute the song packs depth and atmosphere transporting you out somewhere far away! Girl with the crystal tears is another standout to the album. Mixing an experimental industrial soundtrack with a Beck-esq indie narrative the track works as an offbeat indie tune that it quite unconventional but really cool!

In addition there is some experimental prog rock tunes with the DIY sounding opener Plum Creek, and the spacey Hidden valleys of tomorrow. There are also some rocking tunes such as the off beat indie pop tune Sunny side of the street, and the gritty and raw Cortez the cuddler.

This is a very brave release with a large range of ideas crammed into one album, however it is pulled off with dynamic flair. On top of the wierd and wonderful twists and turns is a beautiful journey with vivid soundscapes and a breathtaking spacey atmosphere!”