“Brother Earth is Brooklyn based duo Steve Five and Todd Tobias. They met when Steve recorded at Todd’s studio in Kent, Ohio with his band The Library Is On Fire. The friendship led firstly to collaborating on videos for Todd’s band Circus Devils (with Robert Pollard of Guided by Voices) before they began recording together under their Brother Earth moniker.

Taken from our forthcoming album Positive Haywires, which drops on 16th Sept 2014) through Hidden Shoal, comes ‘Out Like A Lion’. It’s this slightly eerie, claustrophobic indie pop song that opens with these clicks and ethereal shimmering backing, sugared with the backing vocals and a melody line that leads you through. As it continues, so it gets less sure of itself, almost reticent scared almost as around every corner there seems to be a (musical) surprise with these increasingly urgent splashes of discordant noise.

It’s surprising and experimental, and quite beautiful.”

Backseat Mafia