Beautiful New Music Video for Jumpel's 'Flight'

Check out this beautiful music video for the new Jumpel track ‘Flight‘,  the second single taken from Bloc4, the new album from German minimal ambient-electronica maestro Jumpel. The video was hand crafted by the man himself, Joe Durbeck (aka Jumpel), and can be streamed at Youtube or Vimeo. The track can also be downloaded for free from the Hidden Shoal Store ahead of the release of Bloc4 on 11th June.

In contrast to the dreamy ambient-pop elegance of first single ‘Blue Ceiling’, ‘Flight’ literally takes off from the outset with its head-nodding beats and eerie synth pads. Chloe March’s stunning vocal turn evokes the incandescent yet sinister brilliance of Curve’s Toni Halliday on the Leftfield classic ‘Original’. It’s hard to know whether to dance or hide under the covers; either way, this beautiful track will richochet around your skull from the first spin.

Jumpel – ‘Flight’ from Hidden Shoal Recordings on Vimeo.

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