Antonymes 'The Licence to Interpret Dreams' – Cyclic Defrost

Excerpt: “Ambient is term which can be thrown about a little too readily these days. But how do you define it? Simple song structures? Sparse instrumental arrangement? Pace? Or a combination of these things? One’s thing’s for sure: if you were to add beauty to that list, then The License to Interpret Dreams is Ambient 101… Fusing gentle piano thoughts, aching string lines, and fleeting field recordings, Antonymes paints a sonic tapestry of majestically minimal excursions into daydream-esque escapes…. In all it’s ghostly choirs and reverbed thumps, it feels like an enormous lumbering spirit, perhaps that of the land itself, steadily traversing the terrain in sheer majestic wonderment, before slowly making it’s way off into the night, before the memory of him emerges from the darkness a full minute later, almost pleading for you not to forget the beauty you’ve just witnessed. Perhaps the most important ingredient of ambient music is Patience. This is something Antonymes seems supremely capable of. Each instrument, each melody is very carefully considered, and held just until the right time, before gently being allowed to proceed. As the title suggests, this music really does have the license to interpret dreams, and presents everything that is right about ambient experimental music. A beautiful edition. Go find it.”

Cyclic Defrost

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