Antonymes “(For Now We See) Through A Glass Dimly” Reviewed at Anthem

“Antonymes is music drawn from the adjustments and erasures of sound. It’s a project where music is used to express nothing but itself and songs are formed from continuity and repetition rather than contrast and interplay. It’s a tantalizing visage, one that gives nothing away and leaves everything free for magic to occur.

‘(For Now We See) Through A Glass Dimly’ is the new album to spring from Antonymes, and it’s a collection of ten emotional masterpieces that ring with potency and complexity. With contributions from Christoph Berg (Field Rotation), composer Stefano Guzzetti, James Banbury (The Auteurs), Joanna Swan (Ilya) and writer Paul Morley, there’s no shortage of ideas or soundscapes held within, and as the album creeps forward, the rich tapestries of sound blend into a single, brilliant journey.

Trying to describe the album in all its apparently glory is a truly impossible feat, and to be honest, I’m not ever going to really attempt it. Instead, I’m simply going to strongly urge everyone who ever stumbles upon the work on Antonymes to dive headfirst into his work, because with ‘(For Now We See) Through A Glass Dimly’ there is no way you could ever be disappointed. 9/10″


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