Antonymes 'Lost In Waves Of Light' – Opus

Excerpt: “I’ve only recently discovered the music of Welsh musician Ian M. Hazeldine, who records under the Antonymes moniker. His most recent album, The Licence To Interpret Dreams (Hidden Shoal Recordings), is a lovely collection of ambient and “modern classical” songs in the vein of Max Richter and Jóhann Jóhannsson. “Lost In Waves Of Light” was created from fragments of that album, and I daresay that it’s one of the loveliest pieces of music I’ve heard to date. A swirling, shimmering latticework of gilded electronics, melancholy strings and drones, and sparse piano melodies, “Lost In Waves Of Light” is a song that sounds like it could go on for hours without ever becoming the slightest bit tiring or boring. The song clocks in at over eight minutes as it stands, but it feels like it ends much too soon, the lovely drones and weeping strings coming to too abrupt an end.”


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