Antonymes 'Lost In Waves Of Light' – Music Addicted

Excerpt: “There is something untypically delicate about Lost In Waves Of Light, Antonymes’s new composition. Ian M. Hazeldine, creative mind hidden behind this contrasting pseudonym, has just released his most audacious and creative piece on The Licence To Interpret Dreams but what is even more striking is this particular composition which connects various elements from above mentioned album. In comparison to his recent mildly dreamy, more ambient piano-oriented work, Lost In Waves Of Light sounds bit bolder and more resolute. That’s mostly caused by Antonymes’s beautiful arrangements for violin played by Christoph Berg, better known as Field Rotation. Actually, what makes them so pleasing and captivating is the concreteness and motional decisiveness that are both on higher levels than in Antonymes’s more ambient works. On the top of it, putting four different fragments guarantees slight changes in moods and evolution of altered motives. Therefore, the feeling of epic and some surreal kind of story are preserved. Close your eyes and get lost in waves of diminishing lights.”

Music Addicted

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