Antonymes 'Licence to Interpret Dreams' – Norman Records

Excerpt: “I don’t remember hearing this chap before. That doesn’t mean to say I’ve not heard him before. My memory has been reduced to a pile of rubble in recent years and I often can’t remember anything unless it’s happened in the last 5 minutes and that’s pushing it. I blame the internet. Anyhoo Mr Antonymes is from North Wales and here’s made a neo-classical droney opus which is delicately layered in micro electronics. It’s really quite lovely indeed. Piano and drones with tinkles, crackles, fizzes and possibly a whoop here and there with the occasional vocal explosion from Jan Van Der Broek (Ren…). It’s delightfully moving, thoroughly spacious and rather epic sounding when listened to in its entirety. A very accomplished piece of work!”

Norman Records

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