“The Dutch American singer-songwriter Kramies has been making dramatic dream-pop for ten years now and if ‘The Hill Dweller’ – the first single to be taken from his forthcoming EP, the enigmatically entitled Of All The Places Been & Everything The End – is to be our yardstick, then the Colorado-based musician is continuing in that grand tradition. Drenched in luxuriant strings and quietly understated horns, ‘The Hill Dweller’ is a gorgeous slice of orchestral yearning.

Speaking about ‘The Hill Dweller’, Kramies says “It was the last song I wrote while staying in the castle (in Ireland). It was meant to be an ending to another song, a kind of hidden track that would connect the storyline of the EP. After sending just the acoustic and vocal tracks that I recorded in a farmhouse in Ireland to producer Jerry Becker of the band Train, I kind of just let it go. When Jerry sent the finished track back to me I was blown away. It had grown into its own setting and instantly became clear that this would be the final track to the new EP.” (SG)”

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