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It is just half a year ago, Todd Tobias first solo record here fell to the mat. The musician I at that time is mainly known as a producer of quite a few plates of lo-fi pioneers Guided By Voices and solo albums by Guided By Voices frontman Robert Pollard, made after a long period of habituation impressed with the totally elusive Impossible Cities.

With Impossible Cities Todd Tobias took emphatic goodbye to the lo-fi; the genre which he was strongly considering his past associated. Impossible Cities was full of hypnotic soundscapes full of surprises, where you could come up with the images themselves.

I propose immediately that it took some time before I could make chocolate from the special music of Todd Tobias, but ultimately Impossible Cities was the perfect soundtrack for many dreamy moments.

Todd Tobias has now perhaps renounced the lo-fi, but the almost unreal productivity that sticks to the genre, the American musician is not lost yet. In Tristes Tropiques Todd Tobias Indeed supplies already on a new album and it is one that manages to surpass its predecessor in terms of beauty.

Tristes Tropiques is based on the book by the French ethnographer and anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss. That will be the average reader of my BLOG probably not say much, but during my studies was one of the important books and also one of my favorite books. Moreover, it is a book that reads like a novel, and it is also a book that asked exactly 60 years ago, highlighting the way in which Indian tribes the pinch in the Amazon region by advancing industrialization and urbanization; still a topical issue.

Todd Tobias has now provided the masterpiece of Claude Lévi-Strauss music and the music is full of magic. Tristes Tropiques is more accessible and less eclectic than Impossible Cities, but equally dreamy and mysterious.

Let the beautiful sounds of Todd Tobias coming from the speakers and you get complete rest. Our hectic society is suddenly far away and there is plenty of time for daydreaming. Given the background of the plate dream myself about the fascinating exploration of Claude Lévi-Strauss in the tropics, but like Impossible Cities, you can invent this time the images in the languid and dreamy sounds of Todd Tobias.

Of course Tristes Tropiques no record that will be embraced at all widespread, but more than Impossible Cities is a record that deserves attention and above all time. Superficial listening atmospheric sounds in Tristes Tropiques will likely evaporate quickly, but dive deep into this album and you can hear sounds of an almost unreal beauty.

Impossible Cities I finally found mainly a special plate. Tristes Tropiques is even more special and another stunning. Now two palm trees and a hammock between them to get lost even longer and more intense in this unique album. Erwin Zijleman

Der Krenten Uit De Pop

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