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“Gila Man” by Todd Tobias is an almost instrumental album. On some songs the British Chloe March lent her voice, but she does in wordless sounds. The compositions awaken the desire to return to the days of cowboys and Indians. The covering letter calls for creating your own stories, and that is what we will do. You can every few days, expect a chapter of the story that we hear in this music. The wild west of Todd Tobias and the Gila Man calls us.
1. Down from Sky Island

“Few people know the area where I come from, and thus the story that I was not yet widespread in the telling am about.” The old cowboy paused as he tried a little to stir the fire with his cramped hands . “The Guadalupe Mountains are there,” he pointed into the distance, “and that’s what happened.” His voice seemed to be halfway floating in a sentence but was not completed.

“It was a night like this. Not hot, but really cold you could not call it. But now I’m old. “There appeared a grin on his face. ‘It was a huge uproar. The sky was lit up brightly. But that was up to it. The cows were beaten on hollow and I had to look. Another lucky that I slept with my boots on. ”

Todd walked to his horse, faster than he would have liked. The cows seemed to be flying as fast as they went. Something or someone seemed to be a huge attraction for them to exercise, so strong that even the earthly laws concerning seemed to defy gravity. The closer the mountains, the greater were the distance from the cows seemed to be. Todd reluctantly began to climb over the path that the cows had prepared for him.

It was not his first and would certainly not be his last Sky Island climb, but he was somewhat less eager become since his encounter with a snake. Certainly in the middle of the night. The point at which it would be too steep for his loyal dog was already in his mind. Todd clung to the fact that snakes did not like cold.

His hand dropped down to his hip and he clutched the cold steel of his Colt. Bowed over his horse Todd evaded the low-hanging branches. He did not understand why his cows had still not in sight. He had never seen a cow ran faster than a horse and certainly not if they ran into a herd and so long!

The sky lit up, but it was not dawn. So much time was not passed again. A huge roar was heard. Clouds of dust rose and enveloped the mountain. Todd could not believe his eyes. Since his beloved cows came, but they came straight toward him. He moved his hands up and hugged the sturdy branch above him. It was now just every man for himself. Sorry horse. As a snake he curled around the branch and saw the stampede raging below him past gaan.Weer down. Away from Sky Island.
2. Race to the Barrens

Todd slowly dropped back to the branch. He pulled his hat still deeper over his ears. There took place a grin on his face. How could he not know, but his horse was still exactly as before the arrival of the raging Bertha’s. She had not really moved hoof and seemed completely untouched. A weird issue where However, Todd now had no time to delve further and if there was it he had probably also left with. You shoot Indeed nothing to waste your time on such matters. Todd blew on his fingers. His horse turned around its axis walked and came toward him. Her ears cocked in the direction that the cows were run through. You had to get it for free have to secure your sandwich.

It was a hard trip over the loose surface. Todd had not anticipated that he would be working so long to get his flock. On the one hand advantageous for his horse because they have traveled very lightly packed. On the other hand, they are also thirsty. Todd stopped at a stream. It would for a long time the only drinking option are so they had it but take it. The following flow that you could be called the water content was far beyond the Barrens.

After their stop he dropped back considerably the momentum but Todd noticed that his horse had trouble. But he had better not linger too much. Several neighbors because he had understood from the vicinity that cattle thieves were active and there was nothing to steal simpler than a stray herd. The thought had hardly occurred to him that he had several dark shapes in his sights. They were also on horseback. Black hats, black blouses and the lower half of their faces they seemed to have tied a black cloth.

Todd tipped his hat in greeting. “Good night. Particular time for a ride. Is there some escape? “Denial was useless. “Can we help?” Todd waved off the request. “Lucky for them this way very few directions on can. How many have escaped? “It was always the same man who was speaking. Todd made short work of the conversation. “Sorry guys, but I have to make as sails.” And he urged his horse.

Nocturnal rest again turned back by, but it did not guarantee that he lost the group of men. As they continued to be at an appropriate distance. Todd had to somehow make sure he arrived well before them in the Barrens. He did not challenge the illusion before that again his flock. Maybe they were even at Howler’s Hill. It could easily be seen how quickly he had seen move.

Todd was now fully convinced that he had with cattle rustlers to do. How it was with the condition of their horses was difficult to estimate. However, Todd saw that they were considerably heavier packed. He gave his horse the spurs. She seemed again to have meaning. He looked behind him. The distance was smaller. Possibilities for cutting were not there and Todd did not dare to gamble that the horses of his pursuers on would eventually get tired off. So far it was no longer in the Barrens.

His hand grabbed all his Colt when his eye fell on something else. A natural weapon with which he could create confusion and save bullets. He overcame his natural fear it, tilted down and grabbed the venomous rattlesnake just behind its head. With one stroke, he dazed him for a moment. Todd twirling his horse and her so hard she could trot in the opposite direction.

Before the cattle thieves were by what befell them Rattlesnake had already put his teeth in the cheek of the most talkative of the three. With the Colt in his left Todd fired a shot. One of the three horses sank to her hooves, its rider crashed to the ground. There was a cracking sound. The rocky barren land where nothing grew for decades did not budge. The only somewhat conscious veedief met Todd’s elbow, almost as hard as the ground on which Todd again rushed toward the Barrens, chasing his flock. The race was won.


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