Todd Tobias “Gila Man” Reviewed at AfterGlow

“As Tiny Room Records calls the music on it, I think, the fifth album ‘Gila Man “from the Ohio based producer, musician and composer Todd Tobias. A psychedelic ode to Ennio Morricone. I agree with these characterizations. The 14 tracks indeed the brooding atmosphere of Morricone.

Tobias is also on this album in an excellent manner capable of visual, cinematic and at times making experimental music that the listener allows to dream of the evil world but that same listener through a musical eruption feet back on sets ground. Encased in a beautiful sound. This time, occasionally with wordless vocals of Chloe March. The track ‘Mirage’, referring to Brian Eno, makes me much emotion loose by the melancholic sounds. But lasts too short, only two minutes.
To apply shortly for the whole ‘Gila Man. That half hour was in my opinion may be an hour or more. The beneficent dream would have lasted even longer. An album without a doubt the “Peak Experience” title worthy.”


[Translated via Google. Read the original here.]


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