perth – ‘Quantum Chronological’

MS Paint artist James Spinks’ whimsical new video for the perth track ‘Quantum Chronological’ beautifully captures the song’s skewed charm. The simple see-sawing guitar and Casiotone refrain is accompanied by spiralling coffee pots, flashing city lights and a dancing figure who sings along to some of the track’s unearthly effects-warped vocals. It’s a beautiful marriage of lush, dreamy off-kilter pop and joyfully naive imagery.

‘Quantum Chronological’ is taken from perth’s sophomore album What’s Your Utopia?, out now through Hidden Shoal. James Spinks is a Melbourne-based digital artist originally from Perth, whose aesthetic is built around the use of his primary digital tool, MS Paint. You can view more of James’s work at his blog:

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