New Slow Dancing Society Album Out 23/8/16

The Wagers of Love and Their Songs from the Witching HourHidden Shoal is excited to announce the forthcoming release of The Wagers Of Love And Their Songs From The Witching Hour, the new album by American ambient artist Slow Dancing Society. The album will see release on 23/8/16 preceded by the first single ‘The Color of Despair’ on 26/7/16. Check out the album teaser over at our YouTube channel.

On his seventh full-length release as Slow Dancing Society, Drew Sullivan’s sound continues to evolve. This 19-track epic meshes the warm, rich SDS sound with a new set of textures, bringing these musical snapshots into vivid definition. Trumpet and saxophone nestle amidst lyrical guitar lines, pulsing rhythms and expansive synths, creating an immersive and melancholy listen, tempered with rays of hope.

Sullivan’s work is as cinematic as ever, yet here he’s scoring a more personal film. Profoundly influenced by Sullivan’s experience of becoming a father for the first time, the album took shape around the creation of single ‘The Color of Despair’. The track distilled his anxieties about his new life and responsibilities, and became ground zero for the album’s sound and production, with many other songs on the album evolving out of its instrumentation and feel. The ambient lyricism present here is a testament to the narrative possibilities of instrumental music, resulting in a strikingly complete-sounding album.

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