New Monocle Single – Free Download!

Monocle - 'Chances Glide'Hidden Shoal Recordings is excited to announce the release of  ‘Chances Glide’, the new single by Brooklyn-based dream-pop band Monocle, taken from their forthcoming sophomore album Transpacific Sound Paradise.

The five-year gap since Monocle’s debut album Outer Sunset has seen two stunning solo albums by band leader Rich Bennett, which explored a number of areas the Monocle sound hinted at. Transpacific Sound Paradise is the logical and perfect culmination of these progressions. First single ‘Chances Glide’ exudes everything that is exciting about the new album – Rich Bennett’s hypnotic lead vocal is backed by the ethereal coos of Ana Breton (Dead Leaf Echo, formerly of Mahogany), bathed in shimmering guitars and synths, all clothed in the multi-dimensional splendour of in-demand sonic magician Scott Solter. ‘Chances Glide’ is the sound of The Beach Boys as intergalactic cruise-ship band.

“… what makes Outer Sunset so striking is how readily familiar elements get used in a way that’s just distinct and thrilling enough… The root of it may be the sense of controlled melodrama and clever arrangements at the heart of songs like ‘Agent Earle,’ which owes far more to, say, mid-period Roxy Music than to the more obvious sonic signifiers… Outer Sunset makes for a promising listen.”All Music Guide on Outer Sunset

Download ‘Chances Glide’ for free from the Hidden Shoal Store and keep your eye out for Transpacific Sound Paradise which drops 1 May 2013 with pre-orders in April.

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