Liminal Drifter “Troubled Mystic” Reviewed at Indiemunity

“Liminal Drifter’s album ‘Troubled Mystic’ sounds exactly as its title promises. The first track, A Love Song for Ghosts, is haunting and fresh. The second track, Subway Dream, sends you on a traveling journey of sound that the rest of the album by this debut Australian artist delivers.

The title track features the luscious dream-pop voice of Chloë March, which transports you to a sexy summer by the beach before seamlessly spiking into a haunting refrain and dipping back into the dreamy electronic tapestries of that musical train ride across time and electronic space.

The album is like an electro wind chime blowing in a strange wind. Take the time to be entranced by the beat of this album and listen on Spotify, and like Liminal Drifter Facebook.”


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