Kramies ‘I Wished I Missed You’ Reviewed at A Decouvrir Absolument

“I have to talk seriously with Kramies, with my rude english to his American accent, we’ll understand us (till here it has works). But well, boy, that’s true, at the beginning we thought it would be easy, we explain that there is an invisible nylon yarn, a card hided in the handle, an optic effect, a mirror trick, and so we clumsily explain his first works talking about light shows or other things. For the following, we’re looking more scientific words, magnets under the table, some chemical reactions, technologic little helpers defying logic, and more or less it’s ok. For the following opus, tour de force, we’re unable yet to find reasons to discuss, so we used the religious fact, all is god will, we create god powers, angels touch, and twisting the phrases in poetical way, lying, and it work… narrowly. And so here we are, facing this new gift, one of those chronic offers from our troubadour so dear to this web and particularly to me. I stay objective, and when you’ll listen to you’ll find the same adjectives as I. So here we are right now in front of this magnificent and brand new “Wish I missed you”, and we can no longer, neither with nylon yarn nor occults sciences, no divine gestures to explain the magic, it comes a time when we must admit, Kramies is a purely unreal magician, from other dimension, others beauties, and I have no idea from where or how to grip reality (I was thinking about hypnotism, but nothing at all), there’s no reasons, there’s no causes, to his magic. Kramies is marvelous and amazing, engulfed in an irish old castle or in an Angers opera, playing his six cord magic wand in his home saloon or in each of our paradise. It’s impossible to find the trick that made us leave our heavy bodies the time for a melody, and this sleight of hand that made us dream exactly what we wanted to dream of, just the time of a poem, and here we stand, useless, ignorant, fascinated and carried away, looking for words and metaphors. But all this is powerless, too earthling, kramies is pure real magic, and he hasn’t got any explication except his art of onirism, the gift of pleasure. Knowing that his magical show work every time, I’ll no longer search definition, any metaphysical, philosophical or scientific quest, since now, I will just listen, it’s finally the only way to be in the magician skin, and live the magic.”

A Decouvrir Absolument

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