Jumpel's "Bloc4" Out Now (CD & Digital)!

Jumpel - Bloc4Hidden Shoal Recordings is excited to announce the release of Bloc4, the new album by German minimal ambient-electronica maestro Jumpel. Bloc4 is available now in limited edition CD and digital formats from the Hidden Shoal Store. Singles ‘Blue Ceiling’ and ‘Flight’ are also available for free download from the Hidden Shoal Store.

Bloc4 centres around the elevated yet lonely world of a tower block, each track poetically investigating its multi-faceted elements and spaces. The songs were written throughout 2012, with ideas collated, reviewed, developed and remixed. Following the wonderful results of his collaboration with Chloë March on Europa single ‘Edinburgh’, Joe Dürbeck presented the ideas for Bloc4 to March and invited her to select tracks and develop vocal ideas. The March-fronted tracks, including first single ‘Blue Ceiling’ and new single ‘Flight’, are especially stunning – and offer a perfect counterbalance to the more melancholic, spacious instrumental pieces. Bloc4 is the fourth Jumpel album to be released through Hidden Shoal.

“the concept driving this new release is an inspired one that affords a marvelous opportunity for dramatic sound exploration.. plays less like the experience of a first-time sightseer excited by the prospect of seeing the usual tourist sights and more like a long-time visitor who regards the journey as a time for reflection and melancholic rumination.” Textura on Europa

“Hugely ambient, gentle and suggestive in part, with quiet aspects that lament around each city stop, Europa is a portrait of minimalistic excellence and a passion for discovery, which flourishes with every experimental step across the continent.”Igloo on Europa

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