Erik Nilsson “Hearing Things” Reviewed at Gonzo Circus

[Translated from the Dutch original via Google Translate]

“The Stockholm music hobbyist Erik Nilsson released his first album at Hidden Shoal, label include Markus Mehr and Todd Tobias. After “Recollage” is the “Hearing Things” the second solo album from the Swede. The first and last track of the CD, respectively ‘Ex Nihilo’ and ‘Drawing / Dreaming’, are gentle, slow guitar compositions, which are barely disturbed by creaking, crackling and abrasive sounds. The six songs contrast between them are amalgams of acoustic instruments, field recordings and digital sounds. The pieces are usually built around a simple rhythmic or harmonic pattern that repeats itself, Nilsson then directed into the room with all sorts of small, large, spiny or fuzzy sounds. Sounds so ‘Altitude’ like a puzzle that little by little is laid. Nilsson seems to have a preference for dullness, with a vibraphone regularly returns, but also a fake piano being taken over for a few songs, for example, in the slow, somewhat dramatic ‘€ ~Distance, Wind, And Heat. Each time, the rest falls on which the Swede builds his songs. ‘On And Onward’ is the first single. A true pop song is, with a grand piano and a groove that goes straight. Sounds constantly sliding over each other, including digital tunes, and what looks like a delicate wind chimes.Hearing Things” ends as suddenly as it started, with crickets in the night. It has become more than a nice plate, with fun musical collages. The diversity within the songs is striking that within the sheet can be improved.

Gonzo Circus

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