City of Satellites 'Machine Is My Animal' – Sputnik

Excerpt: “If we all looked into every subterranean up-and-comer that sounds like our favourite bands, the wishlist would be a mile long. There is a tonne of good music being made that we sadly miss every year, but it is impossible to get everything. That being said, if you’re a fan of Cocteau Twins or Goldfrapp, there is a really good album that you have to hear…. this album is gorgeous. “Machine Is My Animal” slides between your auditory legs so easily and gives you waves of smoky dream-pop sensuality. Bordering on a tag of heavy spacey Shoegaze and the hot blissed-out sound of Electronic Pop, this Australian duo has shown some impressive talent…. the potential is there, the sound is refined, the songwriting is clever (did I mention Stranger than Fiction), all City of Satellites have to do is put it all together and flip out a few similar standard discs and there can be success in this city.


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