Chloe March – ‘May’

Hidden Shoal is proud to present the beautiful new music video for ‘May’ by Chloë March, taken from her Under The Day EP.

There’s a wistful echo of Satie in Chloë March’s ‘May’. The restraint of the piano performance and March’s sweetly forlorn vocal are accompanied by images of spring blossoms, birds and dappled sunlight, creating a deep sense of beauty and longing. March describes the inspiration behind the track:

” ‘May’ was partly inspired by the name of a flower: ‘Miss Willmott’s Ghost’.  I had a powerful image of a woman in a garden, waiting in a beautiful dawn half-light, on the same day every year. I couldn’t decide if she was a ghost herself, or if she was waiting for a ghost, but I knew I wanted to write a song about her.”Chloe March

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