Chloe March ‘May’ Reviewed at BBC6

“May is from Chloë March‘s EP ‘Under The Day’, a kind of miniature B-side to her album ‘Nights Bright Days’ which was re-released through the Hidden Shoal label in 2014. The album received captivated reviews and airplay has included BBC6 Introducing, Danish National Radio and Radio Eins Berlin. Chloë’s ‘beautiful’ video for ‘May’ was released late September 2015. A producer, singer, pianist and composer, Chloë’s music has been described as ‘utter bliss’ and inhabits territory somewhere between artsong and folk, dream pop and electronica, ambient and cinematic. Since signing with Hidden Shoal last year she has released the EP, a remix of a Markus Mehr piece, three videos and three collaborations with electronic artist Liminal Drifter on his recent debut album ‘Troubled Mystic’ (August 2015). A new EP is on its way.”

Tom Robinson (BBC6)

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