Todd Tobias & Chloe March “Amialluma” Reviewed at Music Won’t Save You

The constant recombination of these elements directs the songs of “Amialluma” now in a caressing harmonic direction, now towards a hallucinated environmental dimension, though diluted by the delicate conceptual trace underlying the work, inspired by an idea of ​​instinctive interaction between man and nature . The pure creative instinct is precisely what animates the meeting between Todd Tobias and Chloë March, in a conjugation of languages ​​condensed into sound sketches that really keep the daring promise with which the album is presented, or conjugate the fragile grace of the Cocteau Twins with the complex mental processes of The Caretaker: centered goal, in the form of a sequence of gently restless lullabies.

Todd Tobias “Massabu Evening Entertainments” Reviewed at Music Will Not Save You

A new adventure through unusual soundscapes led Todd Tobias to discover the complexity of aromas and suggestions of a Middle Eastern psychedelic with distinctly imaginary traits. It is an exotic parallel universe that concentrated by the American artist in the thirteen short traces of “Massabu Evening Entertainments”, resulting from a centrifugal of alienating rhythms and vapors, brought by an equally imaginary band that to a classic electric instrumentation, associates vintage organs and instruments of the oriental tradition.

Todd Tobias “Gila Man” Reviewed at Indebanvan

Gila Man” by Todd Tobias is an almost instrumental album. On some songs the British Chloe March lent her voice, but she does in wordless sounds. The compositions awaken the desire to return to the days of cowboys and Indians. The covering letter calls for creating your own stories, and that is what we will do. You can every few days, expect a chapter of the story that we hear in this music. The wild west of Todd Tobias and the Gila Man calls us.