Markus Mehr “Dyschronia” Reviewed at Rockerilla

In his search for digital reality, which has already been the subject of the former ” Re-Directed ” (2016), Markus Mehr has collected a long series of sound fragments, natural noises and machine disinformation in the last five years.

Reprocessed, synthetically filtered and coupled to electro-acoustic sequences, it is not alien to harmonic passages, that material has become the basis of the seven tracks of “Dyschronia”, in which the German artist projects his environmental research into an unbroken deconstruction work and reassembling the sound. Ambitious and not always easy to operate, but fully respectful of the concept of a multiform digital representation.

Markus Mehr Reviewed at ATTN:Magazine

“I couldn’t have picked a better time to write about this record. I’m currently working nightshifts. 7pm until 7am. They don’t come up often, but given the amount of effort I’ve exerted in trying to whip my circadian clock into obedience over the past couple of...

“Eat Your Friends” Compilation Reviewed at DOA

“Over almost a decade, Hidden Shoal records developed a reputation as a consistently innovative and experimental music label, giving to us music of remarkable qualities whether it was the instrumental excursions of Gilded, the blissed-out indie of My Majestic...

Markus Mehr “Re-Directed” Reviewed at Music Won’t Save You

Four long sections separated by three interludes are the result of the search for Markus Mehr around the theme of digital addiction. Not without a certain taste for paradox, to achieve his sixth album “Re-Directed” the German artist has employed a large catalog of sounds derived from servers, hard drives and mobile phones, capturing pulses, noise and vibrations often on the border of ‘inaudible.

The currents of static electricity and concrete dissonances prominent captured by Mehr microphones have thus become part of an audiovisual performance created together with Stefanie Sixt, whose alienating sound component is very noisy complexity of the digital age.