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Eat Your Friends
by Hidden Shoal

Chansons de Parade
by Joe Sampson

What’s The Story With This Hole?
by Craig Hallsworth

Gila Man
by Todd Tobias

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Slow Dancing Society Debut Reissue – Vinyl Pre-orders & Single

We’re super excited to announce the reissue of ambient artist Slow Dancing Society’s acclaimed 2006 debut album, The Sound of Lights When Dim. This new remastered version is available in clear vinyl and digital formats, and is accompanied by a remix album...

Craig Hallsworth AMRAP Metro Australian Radio Chart Top 10!

Craig Hallsworth’s brilliant solo debut What’s The Story With This Hole? has landed in the top 10 of the AMRAP Metro Australian radio chart. The album has been getting plenty of spins across Australia’s fine independent stations and has been a featured...

Joe Sampson Featured in December Indie Feed Playlist

Joe Sampson‘s gorgeous track ‘Orchard’ has been featured in the December New Indie Folk playlist from the lovely Indie Feed. Check out the playlist on YouTube and hear Joe nestled among a bevy of other amazing artists!   Related Items:Joe...

Vote for Liminal Drifter in SBS Chill’s “Chillest 100″

SBS Chill’s Chillest 100 is here again folks! Let’s make sure that Liminal Drifter scores a spot in the top just as he did last year. Vote for Liminal Drifter’s ‘Troubled Mystic’ (feat. the stunning vocals of our very own Chloe March)...

Kramies Interview in The Big Takeover

Grab the latest paper edition of the always amazing The Big Takeover for the wonderful interview feature/interview with Kramies and also the fabulous review of Joe Sampson‘s Songs of Delay.   Related Items:Kramies Interview in The Big Takeover!Joe Sampson...

Apricot Rail and Craig Hallsworth in Tone Deaf Best Of List!

Apricot Rail’s ‘Scarecrow’ and Craig Hallsworth’s ‘We’re Too Far Away (My Other Future, My Other Youth)’ have been featured in Will Backler’s (RTRFM Music Director) “The 8 Best Aussie Songs You Haven’t Heard” list over...

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“Eat Your Friends” Compilation Reviewed at DOA

“Over almost a decade, Hidden Shoal records developed a reputation as a consistently innovative and experimental music label, giving to us music of remarkable qualities whether it was the instrumental excursions of Gilded, the blissed-out indie of My Majestic...

Antonymes “(For Now We See) Through A Glass Dimly” Reviewed at Il Cartello

Antonymes makes its big return with what is probably his best work. Intimate and introspective work.

Antonymes (Ian M Hazeldine) returns and does so with a monumental album. Three years from There Can Be No True Beauty Without Decay with which the composer questioned on the subject of beauty, a few days ago he released his fourth album (For Now We See) Through A Glass Dimly.

Kramies & Alma Forrer ‘Into The Sparks’ Reviewed at The Sunday Experience

With its murmured tonalities and spectral yearns, there’s a ghostly beauty attaching to the faintly forlorn ethereal dreamscape that is ‘into the sparks’, its weightlessness, pause and poise bathing all in a serene enchantment as though a love noted visitation all framed upon a cavernous haloing that arcs and sighs in demurring formations all the time housed in an orbiting hermetically sealed shelling. It marks a twilight happening perhaps rather more a shared moment maybe a journey embarked upon by a chance meeting between Kramies and Alma Forrer, he providing the delicately drawn sonic ghost lights, she the tenderly fragile and trembling hymnal phrasing. However, for us it’s the acoustic version of the same track that ushered itself into our affections, where the celestial unworldliness of the ‘full version’ is somewhat lassoed and drawn earthbound whereupon the love note coding succulently shimmer with a mystical folk beguilement that hints of a thoughtful lost in the moment Linda Perhacs.

Rew<< “Olive Skinned, Silver Tongued Siren Sings Swan Songs” Reviewed at Music Won’t Save You

The ability to combine different styles and musical languages ​​is inherent in personal and artistic biography of Ryan E. Weber, whose curriculum appear collaborations with bands and artists such as Shearwater, Owen, Decibully and Dirty Projectors, conducted from various corners of the world. For some time Weber is, metaphorically, “back home” in its Michigan and driving a solo project, REW<<, in which condensation precisely his many experiences and such a versatile personality as elusive frameworks unique.

Markus Mehr “Re-Directed” Reviewed at Music Won’t Save You

Four long sections separated by three interludes are the result of the search for Markus Mehr around the theme of digital addiction. Not without a certain taste for paradox, to achieve his sixth album “Re-Directed” the German artist has employed a large catalog of sounds derived from servers, hard drives and mobile phones, capturing pulses, noise and vibrations often on the border of ‘inaudible.

The currents of static electricity and concrete dissonances prominent captured by Mehr microphones have thus become part of an audiovisual performance created together with Stefanie Sixt, whose alienating sound component is very noisy complexity of the digital age.

Antonymes ‘Towards Tragedy and Dissolution’ Reviewed at The Sunday Experience

Beautifully elegant, steeled in mournful bitter sweet solemn whilst graced and adored in a classicist crafting, amid the hurly burly madness of pop, silently withdrawn in a quiet place shivered and shy sits the hidden lair of Antonymes. A new album about to break cover on the ever adored hidden shoal imprint by the name ‘(for now we see) through a glass dimly’ from which, sent ahead on scouting duties, appears the mournfully touched ‘towards tragedy and dissolution’. Aided and assisted by various members of the Auteurs and Field Rotation, this heart heavy tear stained mosaic serenades in solemn reflection, rendered frozen between hope and regret, above the maudlin and melancholic crawl of the shyly trembled key braids hover fretful strings in sympathetic fear and caution, the effect so tenderly bruised and vulnerable you feel the urge to rest a supportive arm around its fragile and failing shoulder.

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