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Songs of Delay
by Joe Sampson

The Wagers Of Love And Their Songs From The Witching Hour
by Slow Dancing Society

by Arc Lab

by Memorybell

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Featured Track – Arc Lab ‘Through The Burning Glass’

As soon as its tense, antagonistic beat kicks in, Arc Lab‘s ‘Through the Burning Glass’ begins to stretch out before the listener like a vivid, grey horizon. Its diffuse but expressively cadenced rhythms and melodic lines ascend and circulate the song’s...

Joe Sampson Featured on The Revue’s Weekend Showcase

Joe Sampson‘s beautiful track ‘Songbird’ (feat. Nathaniel Rateliff) is featured on The Revue’s Weekend Showcase playlist. Check it out along with 49 other awesome tracks here. ‘Songbird’ is lifted from Sampson’s stunning new...

Liminal Drifter Interview on Pirate 88 Radio

Check out this fantastic interview with Liminal Drifter (aka Dr Simon Order) on Pirate 88 Radio! Simon even spills the beans on a Hidden Shoal release that not even we have mentioned yet, talks about his collaboration with Chloe March and also his top ten listing in...

New Craig Hallsworth Single!

We’ve been itching to give you a taste of the sublime debut album from the inimitable Western Australian songwriter Craig Hallsworth and now the itching can cease! ‘We’re Too Far Away (My Other Future, My Other Youth)’ is the first single...

Joe Sampson “Songs of Delay” EP Out Now!

Those who soaked in the melancholic beauty of new single,‘My Love’, were given a preview of Joe Sampson‘s ability to muster maximum emotional resonance from the sparest of musical ingredients. With the official release of Joe Sampson‘s stunning new EP,...

New Todd Tobias Single and Video (feat. Chloe March)

We’re excited to present the first single and accompanying music video from Gila Man, the new album by American instrumental soundscaper Todd Tobias. The breezily meditative ‘Pollen Path’ shimmers with acoustic fingerpicking and Chloë March’s celestial voice....

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Todd Tobias “Gila Man” Reviewed at AfterGlow

Tobias is also on this album in an excellent manner capable of visual, cinematic and at times making experimental music that the listener allows to dream of the evil world but that same listener through a musical eruption feet back on sets ground. Encased in a beautiful sound. This time, occasionally with wordless vocals of Chloe March. The track ‘Mirage’, referring to Brian Eno, makes me much emotion loose by the melancholic sounds. But lasts too short, only two minutes.
To apply shortly for the whole ‘Gila Man. That half hour was in my opinion may be an hour or more. The beneficent dream would have lasted even longer. An album without a doubt the “Peak Experience” title worthy.

Antonymes Reviewed at The Sunday Experience

“Staying with hidden shoal a little while longer here’s two visitations by Antonymes, well sort of, first up the simply divine ‘towards tragedy and dissolution’ – a slice of impeccable Autumnal classicism cut with such tenderness it emotionally tears and stings...

Arc Lab “Anthem” Reviewed at EtherReal

“No news of Fischer Medard (either under his own name or through one of his other projects) since 2009, was as pleased as surprised to learn that reactivated his alias Arc Lab for a new album. Published in digital only, Hidden Shoal, this long-format allows the...

Memorybell “Obsolete” Reviewed at Turtle Tempo

“What if we told you a person woke up in a hospital with absolutely no recollection of his arrival there is on his way to becoming a sensation? Okay, how about this: a person diagnosed with transient global amnesia, a condition causing sudden memory loss and the...

Joe Sampson “Songs of Delay” Reviewed at SAD

“September is a beautiful month. The hot weather begins to loosen its grip and the days become shorter increasingly cool slowly, minute by minute. Unfortunately it is also the month when we come back overwhelmed by the bustle of everyday life: accompanies his...

Antonymes “(For Now We See) Through A Glass Dimly” Reviewed at Headphone Commute

I wouldn’t be surprised to find Hazeldine’s compositions appearing in the credits of some upcoming televised series, as the restrain perceived through his minimalism can easily fit within the foreground (and the background) of a scene. The spotlighted piano tells a wistful tale, but without the darker shadows which often appear within the noir-fi style of the genre. Instead the music is pensive, elegant and grand, striking all the right chords this morning, as the clouds are slowly replaced by the sun.

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